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Adam Nuhi

Role: Senior Manager for Tech, Media and Corporate

Pronouns: He/Him

Adam Nuhi leads strategy and business development for international law firm RPC’s tech, media, and corporate practice, based in London. He also co-leads the firm’s tech diversity, equity, and inclusion practice, “Techquity”. Adam previously practiced law at another international law firm, where he specialized in international disputes with a focus on the renewable energy sector. He spent the early part of his career working as a lawyer for asylum seekers and also was on the team representing claimants in the Mau Mau litigation against the UK Government for alleged human rights abuses committed during the colonization of Kenya. With a master’s degree in Conflict and Dispute Resolution with Arabic from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, Adam is a polyglot, speaking English, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Aramaic, French, German and Italian.

Adam’s experience as a queer person and son of a Jewish-Iranian refugee fuelled his passion for justice and equality. This experience has led him to do work with global organizations working to protect the rights of LGBT people including assisting with Stonewall’s Global Workplace briefings, advising employers on how they can create inclusive and equal workplaces for LGBT employees around the world.

Growing up in the Scottish countryside, Adam feels deeply connected to the environment and spends his time off working with his brothers on rewilding initiatives. He practices Olympic weightlifting and has a passion for swimming in almost any body of water he happens upon.