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Role: Global Content Lead, Designit

Serving as the Global Content Lead at Designit, Phil Hall oversees the production of brand stories across formats for the Wipro-owned experience innovation company. He is also the co-founder, producer and host of Designit’s YELLO podcast, unpacking inspiring, sustainability stories and progressive, big ideas with leaders on solving complex problems in business and society.

Having been with Designit for over seven years, Phil has collaborated with clients such as UN Live (Museum for the United Nations), Nobel Peace Center, FedEx, VELUX, Novo Nordisk, and NTT DATA. He’s also represented Designit as a host and moderator for events across Europe, including Fifteen Seconds, PODIM, Oslo Pax, and TEDx.

Before Designit, Phil worked in television, film, radio, and online content with the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and produced audio content for events such as Glastonbury Festival (UK) and Burning Man (US). He readily admits his career path has been somewhat unusual. Having first gained his doctorate (PhD) in ancient Spanish river systems from Durham University, he then segued from academia to broadcasting and then to business and innovation, where he’s currently active.

“Science, business, or something completely new,” Phil says, “curiosity gets you a long way. People are inspiring. The fascinating stories, ambitions, and experiences they have, the impact they want to make. That’s what we’re out to capture for others to enjoy”.